reversible polka dot and starfish pet and dog bandanas
tommi wearing the polka dot dog bandana
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We're super excited to announce the release of not one, not two, but THREE brand new collections! There's something for every pup with this range of stunning pet bandanas and decadent dickie bows. Chase your dreams with the FANTASY collection, find the Jingle to your Bell with our CHRISTMAS range, adventure in the WILDERNESS collection, lift your bottom's up (I mean the drinks, cheeky!) on NEW YEAR, and last but not least, discover your vibe with the TRIBAL community. 

So we wish you a Happy New Year - with a sprinkling of magic, and a jovial Ho Ho Ho - while you take off on your adventure of discovering your new style! 

Welcome to Tommi!

Hi! I'm so glad you're here. I'm jumping for joy and my Grinch eyebrows are wiggling! :P

My name is Tommi and I'm a Lhasa Apso-Yorkie cross. I model dog accessories for a living. How coolbeans is that?! When I'm not fashioning the latest pet apparel, I'm rolling in things I shouldn't... Shhh, don't tell!

Tommi wearing a dog print pet bandana

After you're done looking into my puppy eyes, and giggling at my wonky tooth, check out my shop to see my selection of pawsome pet bandanas and bow ties. They're all handmade in England by me and my big sister - don't ya know :)

Read the story of how all this came to be, and check out my blog to see what crazy things I'm up to and for tips on top pet trends. Be a fashionista like me and you're guaranteed to be everybody's best friend!

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Tommi dog in sand in cornwall

Hi Everyone! As most of you know, I went to Cornwall for my summer holidays and it was AMAZEBALLS! In all of my 10 years this is the first holiday I've ever been on. Apparently I can't be trusted and that's why I haven't been before?! I beg to differ, but at least I get to stay at my brother Bubbles’ house and put on half a stone from all the extra treats my pawsome Aunty gives me! Anyway, let me tell you my Top Five Favourite Moments...

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Bow Ties Galore!

This ones for the lads...

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