Our Story


My name is Tommi, but I often go by the name 'Oi Dog stop doing that!' I'm a ten year old Lhapso Yorkie cross who simply loves food and kisses! I live in a little seaside town in England and enjoy being on my worst behaviour whenever we go out in order to embarrass my family.

Recently I've been helping my big sister to make some pawsome products for animals like you and me to wear. Now I absolutely adore my big sister because she is just totes amazeballs and I've never been a day without her since I was 4 months old!

But the story of how all this came to be is a little bit peculiar...

My big sister has migraines, but these aren't any old migraines, oh no! When my big sister gets a migraine, she's get a migraine. They are horrible things that make her sick and pass out, she even turns into a bear and hibernates in a dark room for days (but at least it means extra cuddle time!). This is what happened to my big sister on the 11th of January.

She slept for 20 hours a day for a few weeks, then she slept four hours a day for a few more weeks. She went for tests and scans and appointments nearly everyday for 2 months...But then we found the magic medicine! She hasn't had a migraine for three months now! Wahoo!

But while my big sister was poorly, she got very bored because she couldn't read or write. As she got a bit better, she went on her Instagram and looked up the only thing that could make her happy - apart from me and chocolate of course! - DOGS! And that's when it hit her.

Let's make me famous!

From there we've taken off like a rocket and we're already on 10.7K! My big sister has begun to fulfil her dream of starting her own business and I have begun to fulfil my dream of being a model! But we couldn't have done it without all of you, so...


That's our story and we'd love to hear yours! Feel free to share!

Many pugs and kisses to each and everyone of you,

TOMMI xxxxxx

Tommi wearing the Luxe dog bandana